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Himalayas was formed by the Eurasian plate working against the Indo-European plate. Wide-ranging geologic landscape from nearly sea level to 8,848m top of Everest, Varying from tropical rain forest to snowy height and high-altitude deserts. With the rivers cutting the land from north-south continuing water activity that produced some of deepest valley in the world. With People, plants and animals have adapted to the geology diversity and elevation differences for centuries, Trekking offer fruitful experience from breathtaking landscape, legendary mountains, fascinating cultures and for some people it is both physically emotionally enlightening. Trekking can be done with half-day to Nagarkot to more than three weeks (Annapurna Circuit Trek, Everest region with plenty of side trips, Upper Dolpa). Along main trekking area, lodges has been established and well maintained where trekkers can find accommodation, food while other less touristy trails camping is necessary.